10 reasons why I LOVE YOU

i was browsing lovingyou.com.. wen i came across this printable item... its a journal of love.. and the title was ' 10 reasons why i love you'..
frankly, i was thinking for hours.. thinking of reasons why i'm sooo in love with you... i came out with d same answer everytime... I AM NOT SURE... hahahha.. talking bout love..errr..
so i thought back of the times wen i eventually go crazy and asked you y u love me.. and i realized even u, r out of words... cos u always emphasizes ' because i love u laa'... not to say tht i am not sure whether or not i love you... it's just that i dont know y... well,.. then i made a list of reasons y i should'nt love you... hahahha...
1. u r so predictable
2. u make me bored most of d time
3. u tend to let me win all d time cos u think i'm making a big deal out of small probs
4. u r not romantic
5. u dont get my hints
6. u put me second after ball
7. u seem happier with ur frens than being with me
8. u never seem jealous of anything
9. texting me is not the first thing you do wen u wake up
10. u never buy me lingeries
..... and the list goes on.....

well,..if the list goes on,.. i'll run out of space ..ahaksss.. but then i realize small things like the way u made me laugh wen i'm sober, how u try to make it up to me everytime u broke ur promises, d fact tht i really wanna win in every argument n u let me, ur effort of fetching and sending me back to the airport, the way you react wen i mention bout my exs, how i'm sooooo in love with you... all this makes me realize tht i dont need 10 reasons to clarify how in love i am with you... i should have known better..

BABY, I LOVE YOU..........i think..hahahahah

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