Breastfeeding and breastpump

Today nak cite About breastpump.
Masa my first baby i guna manual avent pump..only managed to provide milk until his 6th month..kali ini..beli juge medela maxi swing.. Hopefully dgn double pumping akan memperbanyakkan susu and stok..
But the reality is..its not the pump but the effort..masa confinement saya telah berusaha mengepam almost every 2 hourly..walaupun kadang2 dpt sedikit..i still do the timw my medela arrives..ive already has at least 13 litres of supply..
So masa medela sampai..excited sangat nak pakai..but..the product was not as good as my manual i concluded that my breast xberapa nak sesuai ngan medela..but occassionally i still use it..
Cume kalau travelling atau kena oncall..i bring along my avent..
And also i find that tandem pumping is also useful..hahaaa..

Also lots of doa

So happy pumping to all working mommies!!!

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